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Georgian Bay Printers is always looking at new Technology to help us service our clients’ ever changing needs, as well as improving consistent quality. We at Georgian Bay Printers believe in working together with our customers to make your experience in dealing with a commercial / retail printer a pleasant one. We are proud of the work we have done with our clients and we are always striving to create exceptional printing services “Printing is in our blood, it’s what we love to do!” Our reliable and knowledgeable Printers team has many years of experience in the printing industry; we work closely with our clients to ensure they receive the quality product for their specific needs. Things to consider when you are calling for an estimate.


Printing Services Frequently Asked Questions

We strongly recommend you prepare your file as a high-resolution PDF file with bleed. However, we also accept these other file formats: Adobe Illustrator AI and EPS files, Adobe Photoshop TIFF, JPG and flattened PSD files.

Your files should always be in CMYK, anything else may result in a color shift when other color modes are converted into CMYK. For best results, the design file should start off as a CMYK color mode.

Images and artwork should be 300DPI

1/8” bleed must be all around the file. Bleed is critical in a file. Bleed is extended artwork on all sides of the artwork to allow for cutter variance. Items such as background and design elements should always extend out of the trim margin. Failing to provide bleed information and crop marks can result in the printed product showing a thin area of white on the edge. If your file does not consist of bleed, it will be rejected by our prepress department and we will request for a new file with bleed. This will result in delaying the turnaround time.

Safe Margins are 1/16” away from the cut line. Safe margins are guideline borders which make sure everything within the safe margins will not be cut off when trimmed down to the final size.

The file you upload to our website must have font/imaged embedded or outlined, or else, we will not be able to process your file. Tutorial on how to embed images Adobe InDesign: Window > Links Choose the image you want to embed from the list and click on the arrow and select "Embed File". Adobe Illustrator: Window > Links Choose the image you want to embed from the list and click on the arrow and select "Embed Image". Instruction on how to convert to outlines Select your text box. Under “Type menu” select Create Outlines

For products such as business cards, we would recommend customers to avoid borders. If the border is too close to the cutline, it may results in the final product to be off-center slightly.

In order to ensure files are submitted properly for proper orientation, we will require files to be submitted HEAD TO HEAD. Georgian Bay Printers also requires to have files submitted as one file, for example, a one sided file should consist of 1 PDF, one page, and two sided file should consist of 1 PDF, 2 pages. We print using work and turn; therefore, files must be imposed properly to back up properly

Overprinting refers to the process of printing one color on top of another. If you do not want this to happen make sure that the overprint options are turned off and switched to knockout in your document. Below, the file was not switched to overprint, even though the white text is showed on screen, when printed, the white text did not show up due to overprint issues. </br> Please note that our file preview does not display overprint issues, therefore, it is critical to check your file for overprint issues before uploading the file to us

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