Before you buy any type of banner, it is useful to remember that the banners we supply all have different purposes, and can be printed in different ways. Some are smaller, some are bigger, some simply pop up, and we make them this way specifically for what you want to use them for. All of these banners, no matter what they’re being used for, are designed with dignity and printed with pride and that is our stamp of excellence. [toggle title="Toggle Title" type="1" open="1"] Banners Are Used For They’re always eye-catching, and can be designed and printed to suit your needs and will always make you and your product look great. We take a sense of pride in every piece of work we print, no matter how small or large, so don’t hesitate to call us today. If you are planning on using flags, also consider trying out some bunting, a type of print that consists of many smaller flags that are strung together to span across a shelf and are very eye-catching So the next time you’re thinking of showing off your products or advertising a great sale, keep your eyes on our banners. Types of Banners for Just About Any Use Pull up banner if you have an ongoing promotion and plan on having a promoter doing some sampling work for you. This type of banner is very clever indeed, since it consists of a round tube with a printed banner inside it that literally pulls up and secures to show off your An A-frame banner for example, can be used on a large scale at the entrance of a store, or on a smaller scale where it is placed on a table as a promotional tool. One of the best types of banners to use is a flag, since this can be used just about anywhere either in a store or even outdoors. It can be stuck onto an item or a shelf, held by promoters or even printed larger than life to attract a lot of attention.a-frame-signs-splash Flags These Advertising Flags are seen on the side of many buildings, and in front of shops all across the country. These custom banners, outdoor advertising displays hang outside of your building to alert passersby that you are ready to service them! Promote your products, programs, and fundraisers virtually anywhere with portable, easy-to-pack Custom Advertising Flags. These freestanding vertical Advertising Flags display your banners and company missions with vivid impact.outdoor-banner-comparism-chart